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Punjab is no ordinary concept

You are greeted at both Express and Wok with a firsthand experience of India and the Orient; bright colours, fun, character décor and heavily spiced aromas. Our dishes express the magic of real artisan street food. Our foreign-sourced chefs cook with beautiful textures, flavours and tastes, so expect to find unusual items on the menu with an innovative twist. Meals are slow cooked in hand crushed spices, creating rich, deep flavours that are deliciously paired with wines and craft beers for a sensational taste experience.

The Punjabi owners hail from North India, and having lived both in India and the East, bring a dedicated passion for fresh, organic ingredients, evoking the warmth of the Punjabi people and their unique hospitality.

All our curries, kebabs and tandoori dishes are freshly prepared and are gluten and sugar free. All chicken is free range and the lamb grass fed.

The menu caters for vegans and vegetarians too.

It is food served with integrity, passion and purpose. It's the Punjab promise.

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